Huge Holi fun for all16th March 2017

Hindu festival + science week = A learning experience like no other for children at Fisherfield Childcare’s Redvales and Gables Nurseries.  As the Hindu festival of Holi, a celebration of love and colour, fell during Science Week, staff at Redvales and Gables decided to combine the two with a special colour-themed day.

In the baby room, the children made coloured gloop. However, as Holi is a Hindu festival they added curry powder, so the gloop wasn’t just colourful, it smelled amazing too!

Other fun science experiments included making a rocket – by putting sweets into a bottle of fizzy pop.
“The highlight for me has been seeing all the children’s faces when we made the rocket. There is always a part of you when you think maybe it won’t work, but the children laughed and cheered with delight when the foam started to ooze out and when it shot into the air, they were just besides themselves!”

The children had had a great time, as they have explored colours, mixing colours and experimenting.”








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