Welcome to Fisherfield Childcare – it is our privilege to provide exceptional care for children since 1996 ..

At Fisherfield Childcare, we are passionate about childcare and would love for you to meet our highly qualified staff and show you Fisherfield childcare nursery life, where children thrive and are happy and safe.

Each of our purpose built nurseries has been designed to create unlimited opportunities for development to ensure each child learns, develops and grow their personalities while having a lot of fun.

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Norden Carnival Date – Sat 16th June!

THIS SATURDAY 16th June is the date for Norden Carnival. Fisherfield Childcare are once again participating in the local village of Norden’s carnival day, which takes place every June and raises money for local charities and good causes. Our float will be at Caldershaw School at 12pm leaving there at 1pm,  travelling up Edenfield Road […]


Bird Watching at The Gables

The older children at The Gables have a new bird watching hideout! They put on camouflage paint to blend in with the garden, then sat inside their hideout and looked out for birds in the garden using their binoculars. They ticked them off their checklists when they saw the different species, which included blackbirds, a […]

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