Welcome to Fisherfield Childcare – it is our privilege to provide exceptional care for children since 1996 ..

At Fisherfield Childcare, we are passionate about childcare and would love for you to meet our highly qualified staff and show you Fisherfield childcare nursery life, where children thrive and are happy and safe.

Each of our purpose built nurseries has been designed to create unlimited opportunities for development to ensure each child learns, develops and grow their personalities while having a lot of fun.

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Latest News

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Growing Sunflowers at Bury College

Children across the setting have been exploring the concept of ‘growing’. We planted sunflower seeds in our garden and have been observing their growth as they develop from a small seed into tall sunflowers. Some of the children commented that they were the biggest flowers they had ever seen! The children told us that the […]

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Healthy Eating at Edinburgh Way

This Summer, we created a poll to ask our parents, “Do you need support to provide your child with healthy meals at home?” Respondents showed a keen interest in this area so we hosted a cooking morning, alongside our dedicated cook Gail, to support parents in preparing their children’s favourite nursery meals. We had a […]

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