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Fisherfield Childcare

Head Office
Hargate Avenue
OL12 6BT                                          Tel: 01706 659000           Email:


Hargate Avenue, Norden              Tel: 01706 655000            Email:

Edinburgh Way, Rochdale             Tel: 01706 654000            Email:

Bagslate Moor Road, Bamford     Tel: 01706 352000            Email:

Zen, Sandbrook Park, Rochdale   Tel: 01706 352333            Email:

Bury College, Bury                          Tel: 0161 705 2233           Email:

Redvales, Dorset Drive, Bury        Tel: 0161 761 5770           Email:

The School House, Middleton      Tel: 0161 653 1996           Email:

HOLIDAY CLUB                                Tel: 01706 654000           Email:

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Directions to each nursery is detailed on the main nursery page. Please use the links below or in the main menu to locate your desired nursery.

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