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Food Menus

At each nursery you will see our fully qualified cook home-style prepared dishes and below is a sample selection. We provide tasty, nutritious and well balanced menu choices and these are changed weekly. We prepare food every day on site using fresh ingredients to create an interesting healthy menu which will cater for all tastes.

We always offer second-helping round if desired, independent self-serve and watered down juice is only served at lunch time and water for the rest of the day. Throughout the day, children will have access to water to ensure they are hydrated to learn and are comfortable.

  • Morning: range of breakfast cereals, toast and milk.
  • Mid Morning: water and snack menu.
  • Lunch: a home cooked meal including dessert and juice or water.
  • Mid Afternoon: water and snack.
  • Tea: Tea menu and water.


For babies and toddlers, we feel it is very important to us, that we work closely with parents during this important time and discuss the child experiences and dislike. We are parent-led and follow the pattern they set. We can offer advice from the latest guidance and experience; initially we advise starting with first foods, then finger foods and progressing onto soft cooked solid food.

Our highly qualified and experienced staff are trained to ensure portion size and consistency of the baby’s food are correct. It’s a really important step in their development, and it can be great fun to explore new flavours and textures together. To begin with, how much your baby takes is less important than getting them used to the idea of eating. They will still be getting most of their nutrition from breast milk or infant formula.

 Toddlers – Preschoolers

Breakfast Lunch Tea
Monday Selection of cereals and toast Vegetable fricassee with cous cous

Jam slice

Potato cakes & beans and fruit
Tuesday Selection of cereals and toast Jambalaya (chicken or vegetables and rice)


Butternut & carrot soup with bread rolls and fruit
Wednesday Selection of cereals and toast Fish pie and other pies

Dorset apple cake

Assorted sandwiches and fruit
Thursday Selection of cereals and toast Vegetable lasagne

Rice pudding

Tuna & cheese pitta and fruit
Friday Selection of cereals and toast Beef/vegetable/soya protein stew & dumplings

Lemon sponge & custard

Spaghetti on toast and fruit.

 Babies and Toddlers who are weaning

Breakfast Lunch Tea
Monday Baby rice /porridge/wheat-based cereals Milk Tuna pasta and fruit
Tuesday Baby rice /porridge/wheat-based cereals Milk Butternut & carrot soup with bread rolls and fruit
Wednesday Baby rice /porridge/wheat-based cereals Milk Roasted vegetable fingers and fruit
Thursday Baby rice /porridge/wheat-based cereals Milk Traffic light risotto and fruit
Friday Baby rice /porridge/wheat-based cereals Milk Patatas Bravas and fruit

Dietary requirements

  • All meals for vegetarians are substituted with soya protein, lentils or vegetables.
  • We make every effort to avoid the use of ingredients which may cause allergic reactions and cater for special dietary requirements.

We ask for known allergies and intolerances at the start and ask that you tell us when these symptoms may occur.

“My son eats food at the nursery that he wouldn’t and doesn’t eat at home. Which is fantastic! I think the other children eating well shows him there something more to this dish than he thinks.” Parent

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