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Food Menus

At each nursery our fully qualified cooks produce home-style prepared dishes (please see samples on link below).  We provide tasty, nutritious and well balanced menu choices which are changed weekly. All meals are prepared onsite (5 Star Environmental Health Rating) from fresh, seasonal, and healthy ingredients, without the addition of salt or unnecessary sugar (using fruit sugars as the basic sweetening agent), and focused around healthy eating choices, nutrition, and oral health.

Children are offered food regularly throughout the day.  Morning sessions include breakfast, mid-morning snack, a hot lunch & dessert.  Afternoon sessions include a snack and a light tea with fruit, yoghurt or milk pudding.  Children can access fresh drinking water throughout the day to ensure they are fully hydrated, and have water and milk to drink with meals.  Meal times are a happy, fun, and sociable event, and we always offer second-helpings if desired, (keeping in mind the maximum daily requirements advised by Government guidelines).  Each day parents are given information about the food their child has had during the day.  Our meals incorporate food from many cultures and British traditions, with different flavours and textures.

Menus have a basic weekly structure which includes 2 vegetarian dishes, 2 meat dishes (unless parents advise us otherwise) and a fish dish, which are rotated regularly. We take instruction from parents before a child starts with us as to their diet and ensure we adhere to any beliefs or preferences given. Dietary needs of all our children is vital, and children with allergies or specific diets (e.g. high calorie diet) are given a meal as similar as possible to the menu.   A vegetarian option is available daily and fresh fruit offered as an alternative to any undesired dessert.  Older children are encouraged to serve themselves at meal times to develop confidence, refine motor skills/co-ordination/independence and choice.

We encourage the children to look, smell and taste ingredients to put them together and invent new flavours.

Note – All meals for vegetarians are substituted with soya protein, lentils or vegetables.

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“My son eats food at the nursery that he wouldn’t and doesn’t eat at home., which is fantastic! I think the other children eating well shows him there something more to this dish than he thinks.” Parent

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