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Quality Management

“… the drive for continuous improvement is relentless, producing outstanding provision for children’s care and learning.”

Established in 1996, Fisherfield Childcare’s excellent reputation as a provider of quality childcare and education to parents has been achieved with the Fisherfield Childcare core values.

Your child ‘s time should be happy, exciting, fun and secure. We will always make progress with your child’s development, meeting their care and learning needs; with our child-centred approach to preparing your child’s next steps and celebrate some very important developmental achievements.

We recognise our quality assurance processes, which start with our staff assisted by strong leadership and management support;

  • always providing nurturing, stimulating and safe environments.
  • investing in highly qualified staff in a culture of training, praise and encouragement.
  • aligned to Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) developmental indicators.
  • regular maintenance and reinvestment, all our inspections meet and exceed all legal compliances.
  • in partnership with our parents and carers.

Fisherfield Childcare has an established 360 degree approach to quality assurance: to monitor, reflect and review, analyse, evaluate, consult and implement. We do more than implement a system or work towards a standard, we embed excellent working practices to enhance our staff working lives and our children experiences to progress their development.

We seek consultation from experts for our full quality management approach such as health and safety, leadership development and the development of our children. Independent consultants monitor, evaluate and advise Fisherfield Childcare to ensure we are constantly striving to provide the best care for our children.

“The nursery and its parent company have a deeply embedded culture of reflection and evaluation, as well as sharing excellent practice. This means that the drive for continuous improvement is relentless, producing outstanding provision for children’s care and learning.” Jennifer Kennaugh, Ofsted Inspector


Every child is unique and we at Fisherfield Childcare recognise our duty to provide:

  • each child with a tailored made learning plan.
  • whilst building positive relationships with a dedicated key-worker and caring nursery staff.
  • in enabling environments, providing choice, stimulating and inspiring activities appropriate to their skills and age.
  • ensuring excellent learning and development resulting in a happy, confident and school ready child.

We ensure all our facilities and equipment are designed for our children to provide the ultimate enabling environment to develop and progress each child at every stage of their learning.

Performance management of staff, including training needs, is rigorous, so that quality of teaching and standards for children welfare are maintained to an exceptionally high level.Jennifer Kennaugh, Ofsted Inspector

Effective communication with parents and carers is vital to the development of the child

Our quality management processes requires two-way communication. We value and appreciate effective communication, support and respect with parents and carers to assist in the development of all the children.

Benefits include:

  • it is helpful for both families and staff to be mindful of children’s needs on a particular day.
  • it helps children build good relationships with staff when they see their families and staff communicating well.
  • building a deeper understanding of the children in their care, including building on the children’s interests and developmental needs into their activities.
  • helps build relationships between families and staff through respectfully sharing information and observations.
  • feeling appreciated in their role for both parents and staff.
  • understanding what is happening with families and children to further support all parties.

We have various communication channels that include:

  • Hand-over information
  • Parent zone website
  • Newsletters
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Events
  • iConnect – each child’s person digital learning log.

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