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Wedding Day at The School House8th June 2017

One of our Farmer’s children certainly had something to sing about recently as his mum and dad were getting married! The children were buzzing with excitement, and were keen to share their own experiences of going to weddings.  We brought in pictures from home, of our loved ones getting married and admired their lovely dresses and suits as we created our own wedding album. We talked about all the fun and all the cake but talking about it just wasn’t enough, we wanted our own wedding to attend!

The Farmers were given the task of designing their own invitations and they came dressed in their very best – the ladies even brought in their wedding hats! We made a beautiful wedding cake, working on our mathematical skills as we measured and poured as well as our early science skills as we observed the change from liquid mix to solid scrumptious cake!

Cue our two lovebirds, our nursery mascot Sarina the Swan and her sweetheart, Samuel the Swan who professed their love for one another and celebrated their special day with us.  See them on their honeymoon below.


wedding 1   wedding 3







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