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The School House Superheroes!2nd February 2017

Is it a plane, is a bird no it’s School House Super Heroes.
Middleton made have felt a little safer today as The Farmer’s aged from 2.5 years to 5 years old all dressed up as their superheroes. The Superhero themed day was part of their recent topic they have chosen and helps extend their learning by meeting the EYFS curriculum as well as being an engaging subject.
The fun-filled topic included lots of imagination, cooperation and resulted in the children making their very own comic book and the creation of their super hero story. They created an action-packed and cool comic, telling the story of a ‘bandit’ who needed some lessons on using kind, sharing hands!
We also created our superhero village, and designed and made our own costumes!
The Farmer’s loved learning about some new superheroes, especially the girls who found out about the awesome Wonder Woman and Supergirl! It was all fantastic, and we embrace it with our costumes and re-enacting our new found super-powers!
Thank you to all the parents for the costumes and support as well as the children for getting involved on the day, it was brilliant to see the children (and staff) embracing their ‘inner hero’ self.


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