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The School House Litter Squad7th February 2018

As always The School House is up to the minute with current affairs, this time tackling the problem of litter. While the older children were completing the children’s outdoor risk assessment they noticed someone had littered and thrown rubbish around! They were really sad that someone had carelessly thrown rubbish into their favourite place.

They looked at pictures of parks that had rubbish strewn all over, and beaches full of plastic. They told how they felt so sad because they knew the animals could slip in the rubbish or eat it and get it stuck in their stomachs.  They explored ways they could help and make the situation better. Princewill said his mummy recycles at home and lots of the other children said their mummy’s and daddy’s do too, so they decided to use the recycling bins at nursery.

Whilst the children had gone outside to play, someone VERY cheeky littered all over their room! The children got straight to picking the items up and sorting them into piles of ‘paper’ and ‘plastic’.

This issue of littering, especially plastic waste, is a major concern to the planet, which they discussed, and to get the younger generation interested in recycling at such a tender age can only be good for their future environment.


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