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Happy Days Out for Hargate Avenue children to Half Acre House12th September 2017

Hargate Avenue’s children have been out and about over the summer, visiting the residents at Half Acre House. They used play dough to make different creatures and chatted to the ladies and gentlemen before enjoying juice and biscuits. They took in photos of their families to share with the residents who also had pictures of their families and themselves when they were younger.  They taught their new friends some songs and made some funky moves with a dance competition, and the residents danced the ‘Hokey Cokey’.

Nursery Manager Hayley said “The idea is to broaden their knowledge and understanding of respecting their elders, our differences, and good old British Values. These visits as they are beneficial for both young and old, enabling the children to gain confidence and discuss common interests, ie families, songs, and of course – food. We are hoping this experience will help the children to develop an understanding of the world around them, and we plan on visiting on a regular monthly basis to watch their relationships grow.  The smiles on the faces of all the children and residents is something wonderful to see.”







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