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Bury College children go exploring in the woods!17th May 2018

Some of the older children at Bury nursery were involved in a Forest School workshop.  This is a small woodland area in the college grounds. Here they explored the natural resources available.  They made a scarecrow, clay faces and pictures out of sticks, and even toasted marshmallows on a fire!

The children had to follow 2 safety rules whilst in the woodland area;

1 – to use their listening skills at all times

2 – to stay on the outside of the log seats unless an adult says otherwise.

Their favourite things to do were making bracelets and eating marshmallows. The children even told the staff “be really careful around the fire so you don’t burn yourself.”

They are hoping to make this a regular experience for the older children, watching them gain confidence exploring all areas of development and extending their critical thinking.


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