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Poppy Appeal14th November 2018

Our pre-school children were curious as to why the nursery staff and their parents were wearing poppy’s. We went on a trip to Middleton town centre and visited the Poppy Appeal stall. The children all made a donation and in return got a wonderful reflective poppy to wear on their coats. The wonderful staff explained to the children how some extremely brave people worked very hard to keep us safe and how poppy’s grew to become the symbol of the appeal and  how the money they gave would be used to help people. On the way back to nursery we visited The Fallen Soldier.

• Glynis Duffy, Chair of the Local British Legion said “This was a fantastic experience for us and the children. It was lovely to see how interested and excited they were.”
• Sabrina Iqbal, Nursery Manager said “This was a wonderful and enriching experience for all the children that organically developed from their natural curiosity. We are really thankful to the staff from the British Legion for taking the time to speak with the children and teach them about the meaning of the Poppy. This is an experience that none of us will forget!”
• Joseph Barlow, 4, said “I am keeping my poppy is safe even when I am asleep!”
• Parent Clare Turner said “The experience was lovely. My son Gabriel has been asking about poppies, he was very excited about this opportunity. Thank you to the nursery team for taking the time to do this.”

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