Redvales Nursery

Children are making good progress in their learning and development as staff have an excellent understanding of EYFS.

Welcome to Redvales Nursery, a unique nursery with amazing outdoor areas, large spacious rooms and dedicated professionals who have been delivering excellent care since January 2006.  Every aspect of the building, the toys and apparatus and learning opportunities is designed to enable all children to make excellent progress in all parts of their development. Children from 3 months to school age are inspired to learn and develop whilst having lots of fun and building friendships.

Kim, Nursery Manager

All our nurseries offer AM or PM sessions as well as Full Day care for 51 weeks of the year. We work very closely with parents, in addition to the daily handover chats and newsletter we recently introduced iConnect which has been a great success. Parents have praised the ease of use, and the delight of sharing the activities of their child anytime and anywhere.

iConnect is a digital learning journey log application of each child and has many benefits. To find out more about iConnect & ParentZone click here.


Redvales Nursery has:

  • three large playrooms with designated role play areas such as home, construction and a reading area
  • free library service to help discover the joy of reading
  • baby room


quiet room called the reading garden

rabbit reading


a sleeping room

rabbit sleeping


stunning outdoor facilities that include an enclosed area with a hard surface for a race track and all weather grass area, a permanent mud kitchen, garden allotment and woodland play area and climbing frames.

rabbit bikes      rabbit insiderabbit allotment



  • has multilingual staff and the current languages include: English, Urdu, Polish, Pashto, Hindi as well as Jamaican Pawai. English language and confidence building are crucial to a child’s development and the children are encouraged to talk to their class about their events at the weekend.

“The environment and accommodation is conducive to supporting children’s continued learning and development; it is organised very well and carefully looked after. Children clearly benefit and thrive as a result.

“Children are making good progress in their learning and development as staff have an excellent understanding of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children’s safety is of high importance and they are safeguarded extremely well. Very good provision supports the children’s learning through a wide range of interesting activities which enable children to progress well. The nursery works exceptionally well with parents and most other agencies to ensure that the needs of children are met. Leadership and management is highly effective. The manager and staff review the provision rigorously, identifying what can be improved and drive ambition extremely well with the result that the nursery is rapidly improving and has an outstanding capacity to improve further.” Ofsted inspector Linda Shore

Have a look at Redvales Nursery photos 

Would you like to come and have a look around Redvales Nursery? Book a visit, we’d be happy to see you!

25 Dorset Drive

0161 761 5770

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Age Range:
3 months - 5 years
Opening Hours:
7.30 am - 6.00 pm
AM Session:
8.00 am - 1.00 pm
PM Session:
1.00 pm - 5.30 pm
All Day:
8.00 am - 5.30 pm

Contact Details:
Monday - Friday
51 weeks
25th Dec - 1st Jan inclusive
Rebecca the rabbit at Redvales image

"I'm Rebecca the rabbit at Redvales."

Rebecca the rabbit loves exploring at Redvales outdoor play area and allotment! She is always the first to spot the first sprouting of the vegetables. She loves hopping from one activity to the next during free play.  

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